Sudhanshu Pandey: Television actors get typecast faster

Actor Sudhanshu Pandey, who is currently seen as Vanraj Shah in TV show “Anupamaa”, feels that since television actors are seen playing the same role daily, they get typecast easily.

“Television actors get typecast a little faster because they are seen in a daily show every day. You are playing this same character every day for years, so you do tend to get typecast,” the actor tells IANS.

However, he feels there is a way out. “I think there is always a scope to break away from it because audiences memory is not forever. You do something different, give them a different sort of entertainment through different characters and they will forget your past. It depends on whether you want to do the same thing or you want to move into a different character. It’s a personal choice,” shares the actor, who has been part of showbiz for over two decades.

Sudhanshu, who has been part of hit shows such as “Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera”, “Tamanna” and more, says he prefers scripts which offer him a central or substantial role.

“The script should be very good, and I think it’s very natural for any actor to see what his character has to give in the script, so I always look for that and I make sure that if I choose a character it has to be absolutely central and important to the story only then I choose the character,” he says.