Saturday, June 15, 2024

‘Suhaagan’ to take exciting turn with Dadi’s entry in Bindiya’s life

The upcoming storyline of the show ‘Suhaagan’ will witness a twist as Durga Shukla, Krishna’s Dadi, portrayed by Anjali Ujawane, steps into the lives of Bindiya, Payal, and Krishna.

‘Suhaagan’ has gripped the viewers with its storyline of Bindiya (Garima Kishnani), Payal (Anshula Dhawan), and Krishna (Raghav Thakur) tied together in a love triangle.

In the current storyline, Payal grapples with a life-altering decision regarding her pregnancy and abortion.

After her time in a mental asylum, Dadi emerges as a volatile presence in the Shukla family, often showcasing unexpected bursts of violence that spark fear among her family members.

However, amidst this unpredictability, a surprising relationship blossoms between Dadi and Bindiya. Despite the Shukla family’s apprehensions, Dadi becomes an unforeseen source of support and encouragement for Bindiya.

Garima, who plays Bindiya shared: “I am overjoyed by the incredible success of Suhaagan. The collective effort of our dedicated team to deliver worthwhile content for our audience has paid off.”

“The storyline takes exciting turns, especially with Bindiya receiving love and support from Dadi. I am genuinely thrilled about Bindiya’s journey with Dadi,” she added.

‘Suhaagan’ airs on COLORS.



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