‘Sulli Deals’ maker deleted social media footprints to avoid arrest: Police


Aumkareshwar Thakur the alleged creator of “Sulli Deals”, knew that police would be on his trail after the uproar over the app to “auction” Muslim women and had deleted all his social media footprints in a bid to escape detection, police sources said on Sunday.

“He is very sharp and technically sound. He had deleted a lot around 10 GB data. We have hope that we will be able to find more evidence once the data is retrieved,” said a source.

Thakur, who holds a BCA degree from IPS Academy, Indore, was held from the city by a team of the Delhi Police’s Special Cell.

During preliminary interrogation, he had admitted that he was a member of a “Trad” group on Twitter where the idea to defame and troll Muslim women was shared.

Joining the group “Tradmahasabha” in January 2020 using the Twitter handle @gangescion, he participated in various group discussions about trolling Muslim women.

He had developed the code on GitHub, which could be accessed by all the members of the group. He had shared the app on his Twitter account, and photos of the Muslim women were uploaded by the group members.

After the uproar regarding the app, he had deleted all his social media footprints.

The Special Cell is further analysing the technical gadgets to find out the codes/images related to the “Sulli Deals” app.

The police sources also claimed that they have identified a few people who were assisting him.

However, as of now, the police have not found any connection between him and the “Bulli Bai” creator.



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