Sumeet Raghavan reveals how ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ will highlight ragging in colleges

The popular sitcom ‘Wagle Ki Duniya Naye Kissey’ is going to have a special episode on bullying in academic institutions and how parents can help their children deal with issues that can cause mental trauma.

Lead actor Sumeet Raghavan gets candid about the issue and opens up on how through the show they are bringing the matter before the viewers.

He said: “Being bullied in school or college is something that many students have experienced at some point in their lives, but what is important is, how parents recognise it if their children are facing this. A proper education about bullies and how to deal with them is required for students.”

In the coming episode, it will be seen how Atharva Wagle(Sheehan Kapahi) , tries to help his classmate, who is bullied by his fellow mates in the school. When the issue comes out to his parents, Vandana (Pariva Pranati) and Rajesh Wagle (played by Sumeet Raghavan), the situation becomes a topic of discussion in the family and they try to find the solution and help their son and his friend.”

Sumeet added about the upcoming sequence: “Rajesh’s guidance to Atharva in the upcoming episode provides a different perspective on the entire situation, which is something to look forward to. With an aim to say no to bullying we hope that we gain success in spreading awareness in the viewers.”

‘Wagle Ki Duniya: Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey’ airs on Sony SAB.




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