Summer hair care regime


New Delhi, April 24 (IANSlife) Summer hair care can become a nightmare if you haven’t figured out the right match of products for your hair type and an easy to follow care routine. We called the experts at by Schwarzkopf Professional to give us an easy guide to hair care for the sweltering months to come.

Melissa Hughe, National Technical Head, Schwarzkopf Professional India, believes if you follow your hair care regime religiously, it ensures maintenance of hair quality on a daily basis. Thorough and regular cleansing keeps the scalp and hair fresh during the hot summers while temperatures and perspiration are high. She also recommends conditioners and treatments which replenish and restore hair structure and lost ingredients. These are a must after every shampoo.

“In addition serums and finishing oils coat the hair with a protective layer keeping one’s precious locks safe from the external environment, as well as sealing the ingredients deposited by the conditioner/treatment,” adds Hughe.

It therefore becomes essential to build and follow a hair care regime customised to your own specific hair type and concern, in order to have healthy hair. A weekly treat should include a massage to enhance blood circulation and pampering of tresses with nourishing ingredients. This not only boosts the feel-good factor, but it also recharges one’s hair from root to tip.

Essential care leads to smooth, shiny, free-flowing bouncy hair.

Steps to follow:

* Diagnose — Identify your hair type and concern, for instance do you fine or thick hair? Is it damaged, frizzy, coloured, dry or limp? What is the concern is it thinning, brittle, dull or limp.

* Build and follow a regime: Cleanse, condition and protect atleast thrice a week. Cleanse using a shampoo which compliments your concert. Condition with a conditioner or follow it up with a hair treatment. Lastly finish it with some protection like finishing oil or serum ( BC/Oil Ultime)

* Treat — Spa Essence, weekly regime.

Summer Trends include textured feminine hair cuts illuminated with rich chocolate shades with hints of gold/red/beige, worn according to the length of one’s choice.

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