Sundeep Kishan does action comedy in ‘Gully Rowdy’

South star Sundeep Kishan, who was seen in the Hindi web series “The Family Man”, is up for a quirky turn on screen next, in the upcoming action comedy “Gully Rowdy”.

“It is a very interesting and well-written character. There’s action infused with humour, which makes it challenging and exciting. The character is really quirky in nature,” says Sundeep.

The film is his second collaboration with director G Nageswara Reddy, after the 2019 comedy “Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL”.

“It is important to have a creative understanding with your director because you have to breathe life into his vision. Every director has a specific way of presenting his lead actor and I love how Reddy sir presents his, ” says Sundeep, adding: “I have immense faith in him as a director because Mass-Masala films are his forte.”

The trailer of the film was released recently.