Suniel Shetty: Being in this industry, balancing family life with work is difficult

Actor Suniel Shetty says that it is tough to take out time for your family when you are part of showbiz. However, he adds that it isn’t impossible.

The actor, who was present at a recent shoot for the dance-reality show “Super Dancer: Chapter 4”, was treated to a performance depicting his relationship with his wife Mana Shetty, by contestants Amit Kumar and super guru Amardeep.

Appreciating the performance and looking back at his relationship with Mana, Suniel said: “This brings back so many memories, it is unbelievable. Shayad (Perhaps), it’s been nearly 40 years that we have been with each other, nine years of seeing each other and 30 years of marriage this year. Being in this industry, balancing your family life and work is quite difficult and it’s not possible unless you have a partner who is strong and believes in you 100 per cent. Hats off to her.”

Actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra, who is a judge on the show, spoke about how she has known Suniel for many years and how she has always been impressed with the relationship he shares with his wife.

“I have known Suniel for many years. I had attended his wedding also, but he wasn’t aware of me back then. I had gone to see ‘the Suniel Shetty’; he was like the new actor and I felt proud because he belonged to our community and he was the first man from the bunt community to become an actor. That was really inspiring for me. Today also when I see Mana and Suniel, it is very inspiring because they still behave like friends. Mana is an incredible person, and I truly believe that you both are soulmates. She truly is the strength behind him. Mana, I love you,” she said on the Sony Entertainment Television show.