Sunny Hinduja: Getting more stories that are strong on content


Actor Sunny Hinduja, who was recently seen in ‘The Family Man 2’, says that now he is getting offers of stories which are more content-driven.

While the actor is tight-lipped about a recently signed project, he tells IANS: “I’ve been reading scripts from well known production houses for movies as well as web series. Currently the roles I am getting are more character-driven.”.

The actor recently bought his dream car Mercedes. Looking back at his struggle, the ‘Aspirants’ actor feels he has come a long way.

“Firsts are always special. From the first time my father took me on a scooter ride to the time he proudly sits with me in our new car. We have come a long way. Gratitude and love to all the prayers and blessing that have become the wind beneath my wings. Cheers to the firsts of many more to come,” he says.