Sunny Hinduja reveals how his father reacted on learning about his acting plans

Actor Sunny Hinduja, who was recently seen in “The Family Man 2” decided to become an actor when he was in standard seven. However, he recalls not revealing his plans to his family, especially his father Satram Hinduja, until he was in class 12.

“When I told my brother in the 12th grade he was very happy because it turned out that dad wanted me to be an actor. My brother told me that day that when our father was in his 20s, he had applied to be in FTII to learn acting. But at the time he was doing a job, and because he was the only earning member he couldn’t go. I never knew this. When I got to know, this encouraged me. This is something that my father wanted and his younger son did it. I made this plan and eventually told him,” Sunny told IANS.

“I feel my father has a big role in my life, to shape me into the kind of person, the kind of relativity I have towards people. How I think and aim, I have got from him,” shares the actor.

He goes on to explain: “He taught me morality. I have always seen him as my superhero. He taught me such good things that they have become part of who I am and it helps me now. He guided me constantly. He still calls me and tells me to be humble and respect everyone. He taught me to aim for the best.”

The actor, who will soon be seen in a web series, says he feels happiest when he sees pride in his father’s eyes.

“He is very proud and he reads my articles and interviews and gets so emotional. He read so many articles about ‘Aspirants’ (the show that made Sunny a household name). When I see pride in his eyes, I feel this is what happiness is. I feel your parents are your roots and if they are happy, there is nothing better than that,” shares the actor.