Superpower 90 explosive was used to carry out blast on Udaipur Railway line

The National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is all set to take over the Udaipur-Ahmedabad Railway Line blast case, has found that emulsion named Superpower 90 was used to execute the blast.

The sources in the NIA have suggested that gelatin powder was used in the blast. The source said that emulsion was made using explosive substances, it is called Superpower 90 explosive.

“This is a commercial explosive which is used in mining. One has to take permission from the authorities concerned,” the source said.

Apart from terror links, the agencies are also probing the matter from other angle such as local issues.

“Fuse wire was also used in the commission of crime. We have collected a number of things used in the blast from the site. We have come to know that these were made by some Solar Industries firm. The accused didn’t want to commit theft. The accused have not been identified as of now,” the source said.

The agency is also probing the role of ISI behind the incident. The probe agency suspects that ISI might have used local network to execute the blast. Before this, ISI’s role had cropped up in a number of blast cases that took place on Railway Lines.

“In 2014, an explosion took place in a goods train. In Darbhanga, train was set on fire. A train blast had also taken place in Gujarat. In all these, it was found that ISI used their local network,” the source said.

The matter:

Newly launched Asarwa-Udaipur Express train from Ahmedabad was all set to pass from Railway line when a blast took place over there on Saturday evening. The blast site was 35 KM away from Udaipur city. Soon after the blast took place, three team of different agencies, i.e Railway Police, Rajasthan Police and National Investigation Agency (NIA) were sent over there.




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