Supporters of two influential families clash in J’khand; 12 hurt

At least 12 people have been seriously injured in a clash that broke out between the supporters of two “influential families” at Dhanbad’s Jharia area in Jharkhand, officials said.

Sounds of explosions and firing of bullets were heard as supporters of two families — Singh Mansion and Raghukul clashed on Thursday.

Besides, stones were also pelted while blows were exchanged with canes.

The injured individuals have been admitted to separate hospitals.

The police have recovered several bombs, bullet casings, swords and other items from the site of the clash.

‘Singh Mansion’ and ‘Raghukul’ that are separate families today were once part of Surajdev Singh’s family, which is said to be synonymous with the ‘Mafia Raj’ in Dhanbad for a long time.

A few years after the demise of Surajdev Singh, the family was divided into two houses.

Eventually, the family feud for the battle for supremacy in politics and coal business went on to become violent.

More than 12 people have been killed from both sides in the conflict so far.

Both the houses have a large number of supporters.

In the fight, guns are often drawn on each other while firing of bullets and bomb explosions have become common incidents.

The fresh tension began germinating two days ago after many people of Singh Nagar Bhuiyan Basti left the Congress and joined the BJP.

Later, supporters of Singh Mansion’s Rambabu Dhikkar and Raghukul’s Dhananjay Yadav hurled bombs and also opened fire, targeting each other.

The condition of three persons injured in the clash is said to be serious.

Many injured have also been admitted to Shaheed Nirmal Mahto Medical College hospital in Dhanbad for treatment.

Police reached the spot after the incident and are camping in the area.

Raghukul is said to be associated with the Congress, while the Singh Mansion family is close to the BJP.

Jharia’s Congress MLA Poornima Neeraj Singh is Raghukul’s daughter-in-law, while Ragini Singh, who was defeated in the last election, was a BJP candidate.




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