Suresh Wadkar: I’m always interested in collaborating with youngsters


National Award-winning singer Suresh Wadkar lent his voice for a new devotional song ‘Gajamukha’ on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. As the song is composed by young musician and his student Shreyas Puranik, Wadkar says as a singer and music teacher, he is always interested in encouraging and collaborating with the young minds because that is the way to stay relevant with time.

Talking about the song, Wadkar said, “The song is composed by my student Shreyas and he also sang the song along with me. I liked the composition and I think it was Shreyas’ way of paying respect to me because I am his music teacher, his guru. When it comes to devotional songs, there is a notion that people think the devotional song is boring and only cater to the older generation. But I do not think so, if it is a festive song, a song of celebration and worshipping Lord Ganesha, why is it going to be boring? I also like encouraging and collaborating with youngsters because they really bring a new perspective to any genre, any composition. In this one, even though it is a devotional song for Lord Ganesh, it is an energetic nice song.”

“So you see, devotional doesn’t have to be boring, with our creativity, we have to bring a new and fresh perspective to it. That is why I feel, working and being surrounded by young minds is a way to stay relevant with time. Being a music teacher, I try and share my knowledge with my students but there is also an exchange happening between me and my students,” mentioned the founder of Ajivasan Music Academy.

The song ‘Gajamukha’ has been penned by Saaveri and it also features the voice of Hindustani classical singer Padma Wadkar.