Surprised at Glenn Maxwell’s success: Pietersen


Glenn Maxwell’s success at this season’s Indian Premier League (IPL) has been surprising considering that he isn’t the main man in the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) which he likes to be in every team he plays with, said former England batsman Kevin Pietersen.

“I was sceptical of RCB’s purchase of Glenn Maxwell at the beginning of the tournament, partly because he is ‘The Big Show’ – he likes to be the main man in the teams he plays in. He certainly isn’t that here, with Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers at the top of the tree, so it’s surprised me that he’s done so well,” he wrote on his blog on

The 40-year-old Pietersen, who works as a commentator now wrote that Maxwell must be feeling very comfortable in the RCB set-up.

“He must feel very comfortable in the set-up there. I know that if you make Maxwell feel comfortable and pump his tyres a bit then you will see huge benefits,” wrote Pietersen.

“He is a fabulous player. He can be inconsistent, but we haven’t seen that inconsistency yet this season.”

The former middle-order batsman feels Maxwell can turn a corner through this season. Maxwell has scored 176 runs in four matches at an average of 58.66 this season.

“Players can turn a corner as they become more experienced and I hope that Maxwell is turning a corner now because he can be a world-beater if he remains at his highest level.”