Survey predicts BJP to sweep polls in Goa, Manipur and U’khand

The ruling BJP in Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand will retain power there comfortably when the three states go to the polls next year, as per the projections of the ABP-CVOTER-IANS BATTLE FOR THE STATES – WAVE 1 survey.

According to the survey, in the 40-member Goa Assembly, the BJP is likely to win 22 to 26 seats, Congress 3 to 7, while AAP will bag 4 to 8 seats. BJP is likely to sweep the polls with 39.4 per cent vote share, followed by AAP at 22.2 per cent and Congress at 15.4 per cent.

In the 70-member Uttarakhand Assembly, the survey projects the BJP to win 48 seats, Congress 23, while the AAP will win 4 seats.

The vote share of both the national parties is likely to decline, with only AAP likely to gain in vote percentage.

The Congress is projected to get 32.6 per cent votes, a decline of 1 per cent as compared to 2017, BJP 43.1 per cent, a drop of 3.4 per cent, while the AAP will gain 14 per cent in vote share.

In the 60-member Manipur Assembly, the BJP is likely to win 36 seats, the Congress 22, NPF 6 and others 4.

In terms of vote share, the BJP is projected to get 40.5 per cent votes, an increase of 4.2 per cent as compared to 2017, while the Congress will witness a marginal decline in its vote share to 34.5 per cent.