Survival of restaurants post pandemic

New Delhi, Feb 1 (IANSlife) The hospitality industry has taken a beating during the third wave of pandemic, and are planning revenues for survival post-pandemic. Business planning and strategy are currently in a state of flux because no one knows what will happen next.

Despite the fact that it employs a large number of people and has a multiplier effect on the economy, the government has ignored the hospitality industry. The third wave has the potential to be the industry’s final nail in the coffin, with the last hope for survival giving way to total restructuring.

Karim’s, a big culinary to Mughlai cuisine restaurant, has survived 108 years and the first and second waves only by remaining consistent with their food taste. Food serving is always the most important factor, and consistency can only ensure that customers will want to order from you again and again.

They are growing, and they want to make sure that when they enter a city, they leave an impression that makes people want to try the flavours again and again. The key will be an effective communication strategy backed up by efficient manpower. They have seen significant reassurance from our customers during the first and second waves, which has been the most encouraging for us to expand in recent times.

Technology will play a significant role, resulting in reduced manpower and greater impact from algorithms across platforms. It is impossible to survive three years of business uncertainty. There is now a different perspective on understanding new consumer behaviour in order to ensure that revenue is marked up to ensure survival. According to the passing waves, there is hope that people will step out and return to their favourite restaurants and hotels to enjoy them as they are in the past.

As the Omicron variant through the city, increasing daily coronavirus infections, the government has imposed strict regulations requiring every restaurant and bar to close. It’s no secret that the pandemic continues to impact and affect all businesses and sectors, but among all businesses, our restaurant industry is particularly hard to hit, and it’s quite visible and evident how badly they struggle to manage daily costs, revenues, and still try to survive in the industry.

As the third jolt of Covid appears to be the most difficult, the owners of The Drunken Botanist, a fascinating restaurant have tightened their belts and are holding their breath in preparation for the unfortunate and unforeseen situations. Yes, saving their revenues at this time is a difficult task because the landlords have not waived off the rentals they have to pay the full amount for their place, in Gurugram the restaurants are kept open until 11 p.m. but there is hardly any footfall because people are not moving out of their house and have again become conscious to come and dine which generates no or little income.

Despite the fact that there are no fixed business expenses such as rent or salary, they must bear the cost of electricity. They now have further revenue-generating options, so they are focusing on home deliveries, mostly takeouts, and safe deliveries to ensure an increase in revenue while keeping our cost-cutting mode afloat. In addition, they have reduced their staff, are keeping a close eye on electricity consumption, and have reduced other overheads to manage expenses in these difficult times.

They believe that every cloud has a silver lining, and this time they have observed further death rates and people fighting and recovering more than the previous two occasions, which gives us hope that the restaurants will soon be back in the game assuring utmost safety.

They will undoubtedly adopt new strategies to thrive in the aftermath of the pandemic. Having the right technology will allow them to conduct contactless transactions and orders, allowing restaurateurs like them to resume operations and increase revenue. They will even be working on new menus to attract guests once things return to normal. Inviting big artists and having theme parties will undoubtedly be a thing once things return to normal. As a result, they are hoping that the pandemic will soon end so that they can get back to business and look forward to hosting some great parties at our restaurants very soon.

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