Susan Sarandon wants future date to be ‘vaccinated for Covid’

Actress Susan Sarandon is open to dating both men and women, the only condition being that the person is “someone who has been vaccinated for Covid”.

“I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman. I mean, I’m open to all age, all colour. And those for me, those things are just details. And those for me, those things are just details. But what I’m interested in is someone who wants to be adventuresome,” she said on the “Divorce Not Dead” podcast by Caroline Stanbury.

“They could be a school teacher, or they could be a writer or they could be successful or not successful,” she added, as reported by the British tabloid, Daily Mail.

What’s also important for the 74-year-old Susan is that her partner should not be “intimidated” by her fame.

“Somebody who is not going to be intimated by people who come up to me and tell me ‘Oh my God! I love you!'” she said, however adding that is happy being single, right now.

“‘I’m kind of getting off on being by myself. I think I’m pretty open to the idea of being with someone, but, you know, it certainly would take someone extraordinary to share my medicine cabinet at this point. I think that that those days are over,” she said.