Model-actor Sushant Divgikar has confessed that he is gender fluid. He added that had to come out about his gender identity because it was giving him a lot of anxiety.

“I’m gender fluid. My preferred pronouns are — he, she and they. I had to come out to all of you about my gender identity because it was giving me a lot of anxiety and, a lot of times, I just couldn’t cope with it. I realised it’s best I put it out there,” Divgikar said.

“Just to clarify, I have realised that I cannot be bound to only one gender. I am the synergy of both! I love my male as much as I love my female. I am Shiv as well as Shakti and the synergy of both energies. This is different from my orientation. I will always be attracted to men. It’s just that my gender identity is not just male! I am a non-binary person! I feel majorly relieved,” he added.

Divgikar continued: “To my loved ones who will read this and might be confused, I just want to say to each and every one of you that I will always have the same soul and THAT will never change. I hope you all support me as much and love me as much. We all got one life and nothing is certain. Tomorrow is never promised. So I guess , I had to just come out (again) and tell you all how I felt.”

Divgikar is a popular drag personality and has appeared and performed as Rani Ko-He-nur on stage during live shows.

Talking about his drag personality, he said: “I created this avatar because I wanted people to understand that drag is a performance art, and it is not just cross dressing. I’m gender fluid, hence the name, because Rani is a queen but Ko-He-nur has a he in it. In drag, a man — gay, straight, transgender or bisexual — can perform as a woman which includes wearing predominantly hyper-effeminate clothes, exaggerated make-up and wigs.

“Drag can also be performed by women — lesbian, straight, trans or bisexual — who dress up and perform as male characters. Gender fluid people also do drag — our first solo performing drag king is Durga Gawde, who goes by the stage name Shakti,” said Divgikar, who is enjoying the success of his debut independent single “Diamond”.