Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen and wife Charu Asopa part ways

Rajiv Sen, Sushmita Sen’s younger brother got married to TV actor Charu Asopa three years ago. The two dated for a few years before they got married.

Soon after the wedding, the rumours of the couple having issues started making rounds, but it seemed as though no matter what the trouble was, eventually the couple reconciled.

Despite rumours of problems, Rajiv and Charu announced that they were expecting a baby. It seemed as though whatever trouble the couple had, they seemed to have resolved it amicably enough.

After the baby was born, once again rumours started about a possible split between the couple. However, Charu and Rajiv rubbished the rumours and even went on a holiday and shared loved up pictures as though putting all speculations to rest.

Now once again it seems there is trouble in paradise but this time it feels like the real deal because Charu Asopa has reportedly sent a divorce notice to Rajiv Sen requesting for an amicable separation.

In a recent interview with Delhi Times, Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa spoke about the problems they are having and each was blaming the other for the failure of their marriage.

Charu Asopa maintains that Rajeev Sen has trust issues, and Rajeev says that Charu hid the fact that she was married once before from him.

In the Delhi Times interview, Charu had said, “Everyone knows that we have been having problems in our marriage for the past three years since the time we tied the knot. But I kept giving him chances. Earlier, it was for me and then for our daughter, Ziana.” She added that she didn’t even realise when all the chances she kept giving Rajeev turned into three years of married life.

Earlier in June, Charu sent a legal notice to Rajeev asking that they part ways amicably. Speaking about this, Charu said, “He has trust issues and I can’t take it anymore. I sent him a simple notice asking for an amicable separation, as there is nothing left in our relationship. I want to part ways because I don’t want my daughter to grow up in a toxic and abusive environment. I don’t want her to see people hurling abuses at each other.”

Rajeev, for his part, has accused Charu of hiding her first marriage from him. He said, “Practically no one barring those from her hometown, Bikaner (Rajasthan), knew about her first marriage. It was a secret kept hidden from us. So, this came as a shock to me, and it shook me up badly… three years of marriage and I had no clue. I understand it was her past, but she should have at least told me. I would have accepted it with respect if she would have told me about it before getting married.”

But Charu is insistent that she did tell Rajeev about her past. She said, “He is claiming that he didn’t know about my first marriage! Not only did he know about it, but also appreciated me for moving on from my past and making it on my own in Mumbai. My first marriage happened in February 2007 when I was just 18 and we separated in November 2016 owing to compatibility issues.”

Going further, the blame game between the couple has intensified even more as Charu says that even her own family has turned their back on her. She said that her own mom and sister are supporting Rajeev. She added that Rajeev does not want her to post pictures of their daughter on social media as he worried about “nazar” (evil eye).

Charu concluded by saying that Rajeev is not the same man that she fell in love with and being married to him has affected her health. She feels she has given him enough number of chances and now she wants to move on in her life with her daughter Ziana.

Rajeev told the portal that if their daughter could talk, she would vouch for how much Rajeev loves her and cares for her. He added that he wishes Charu would respect her family more because they have been her support system when she was struggling.



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