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Susmita Chatterjee mastered how to ride motorcycle in 10 days

Bengali actress Susmita Chatterjee, who will be sharing the big screen with superstar Jeet in her next film, ‘Manush’, mastered how to ride a Royal Enfield motorcycle in just 10 days.

The upcoming action-thriller film required the ‘Chengiz’ actress to perform some daredevil bike stunts with a Royal Enfield, and as she wasn’t a bike riding expert and only knew the basics, mastering how to ride such a powerful bike in just 10 days is one immense feat.

Detailing her challenging journey, the actress opened up on both the difficulties of learning as well as its many thrills. She said: “It was such a thrilling and challenging experience for me and really difficult because the weight of the bike is much heavier than mine.

“Haha… I knew the basics of bike riding but I am no pro. However, in 10 days I mastered it as much as I could. I loved every bit of it, and our Masterji Ravi Verma was so kind to me, and the experience was beautiful and enjoyable, thanks to him.”

A power-packed action-thriller film, while the actress had detailed that the shoot was a fun experience in a behind-the-scenes moment, the task of undergoing rigorous training for her stunt work for the sake of authenticity, is a testament to her commitment to giving it her all.

Revealed to be quite the monstrous action film from its trailer, the movie is filled with grandiose action, violence, and thrills.

‘Manush: Child of Destiny’ is directed by Sanjoy Sommader and stars Jeet, Susmita Chatterjee, Ayanna Chatterjee, Bidya Sinha Saha Mim, and Saurav Chakrabarti.



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