Suspended Cong MLA defends his ‘shirtless protest’


Taking a sarcastic jibe at the Karnataka Speaker Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri for referring his case to the privilege panel, suspended Congress MLA, B.K. Sanagamesh has questioned “if removing men’s upper garments in temples like Dharmasthala and Kolluru Mookambika is not shameful, then how can it be considered as an act of shame in people’s temple (Vidhana Soudha)”.

Interacting with reporters, Sangamesh said he would not tender any apology to the Speaker.

“We (men) often remove upper garments while entering some of the prominent temples in south India. If I have removed my shirt in protest, how can that be a shameful act? Is removing a shirt in protest is more shameful or getting caught on camera is more shameful? The ruling party members are queuing up in front of courts to seek restraining orders, they should feel more ashamed not me,” he said on Tuesday.

He sarcastically added that the Speaker referring to his case privilege committee, has proved him right and endorsed his allegations too.

“My case is a classic example of how he is siding with the ruling party. He should have come to my rescue instead he has also joined hands with my opponents who are harassing me,” he lashed out.