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Suvinder Vicky opens up about playing Balbir in ‘Kohrra’

At the heart of intriguing crime investigation drama ‘Kohrra’, is the talented actor Suvinder Vicky, who beautifully essays the role of Balbir, a character that embodies the essence of compassion and kindness through his relationship with various characters. 

With an unwavering conviction, Suvinder proclaims, “Amid a story excellently depicting the human imperfections and flaws, is also the perfect shade of love which is kindness being depicted by every character in this series.”

The story transcends the boundaries of ordinary storytelling, as ‘Kohrra’ unveils a multitude of shades and intricacies, leaving no character untouched. It mirrors the relationships we encounter in our everyday lives, shedding light on human nature.

As the narrative unfolds, viewers witness diverse roles, each with their own unique shades of love. From profound connections to fleeting encounters, ‘Kohrra’ masterfully explores the depth and intricacy of the emotions that every human has.

For Suvinder, portraying Balbir was a transformative experience.

“Love has many shades, but for me, it is kindness that resonates the most. Through Balbir, I had the opportunity to delve into the immense power of empathy and compassion. It is a shade of love that has the ability to heal, inspire, and bring about positive change in the world,” he shared.

In an industry often dominated by tales of grand romances and twists, ‘Kohrra’ captivates audiences with its exploration of the politics of love. The brilliance of the show lies in how it serves as a mirror to our own lives. It holds up a lens through which we can examine our relationships, our struggles, and ultimately, the transformative power of kindness.

Set against the backdrop of the picturesque countryside of Punjab, the story revolves around the discovery of a murdered NRI just days before his wedding.

‘Kohrra’ sets itself apart by seamlessly incorporating both Hindi and Punjabi languages, a multilingual approach that adds authenticity and richness to the narrative.

Suvinder and Barun Sobti portray two dedicated cops who not only unravel the mystery, but also serve as the lenses through which audiences experience the intricate web of the characters.

The series also stars Rachel Shelly and Varun Badola in pivotal roles.

It is streaming on Netflix.



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