‘SVP’ director Parasuram apologises for hurting sentiments of Narasimha Swamy’s devotees

“Sarkaru Vaari Paata” director Parasuram, who recently visited Simhachalam Narasimha Swamy temple, apologised to the devotees for a dialogue in the movie.

A dialogue based on Narasimha Swamy has sparked controversy in one of the face-off scenes starring Mahesh Babu and actor Samuthirakani.

The antagonist in the film Samuthirakani, mouths a dialogue in which he compares himself to a Hindu God.

“Do you have any idea why Lord Narasimha is covered in sandalwood paste? Because the average person can’t stand his ‘Ugra Rupam’ (extreme form). You can’t stand my wildest version, either,” says the villain during a confrontation with the hero.

The comparison of a villain to a sacred God has hurt the sentiments of devotees, and hence the controversy. Asked about the Narasimha Swamy dialogue, Parasuram reportedly stated that he was a big devotee of Narasimha Swamy and had visited the temple even before the film’s release.

According to the director, the dialogue in the film was not intended, and he even apologised, saying that he didn’t want to hurt the devotees’ feelings.




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