Swami Chakrapani on his ‘Lock Upp’ eviction and controversy with Saisha Shinde


Godman Swami Chakrapani, who was seen on Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Lock Upp’ has accepted the decision of his eviction without any regrets.

He says: “When I entered the ‘Lock Upp’ for the first time and saw the things around me, I felt I couldn’t fit over here. During the nominations when I had to nominate two contestants, I decided to nominate myself. I don’t have any regrets about my eviction, and I feel that the decision was right.”

On asking about controversy between him and his co-contestant and fashion designer Saisha Shinde which has taken all the limelight, he adds: “Saisha and I haven’t interacted much and there wasn’t any spat among us. Initially we didn’t get along but after a while she understood me, and we both respect each other. While I was fasting for a day, she had even requested the camera to get milk for me. There wasn’t any controversy among us.”

Does he feel this controversy can be one of the possible reasons for his eviction, he replies: “Not at all. When Kanganaji had asked us to press the button, I didn’t even press the button. For a sage like me, it is very difficult to call out someone’s name and get them out of the show. The first day, there had been a spat between the contestants, and they had been abusing each other, but later in the morning all of them chanted mantras along with me.”

“Everyone came to me and wanted ‘tika’ on their forehead. Many times the contestants would indulge in a fake fight. Initially it would worry me but then later they used to tell me that all this is done for the camera. I used to tell them to be real and win the show and not use any such tactics that would harm any of the contestants.”

Saisha and Chakrapani during the show had a conversation and she told him that she is not comfortable with his touch. But he denies this and says that there is no such conversation between them.

“I didn’t not have any such conversation with Saisha. We both had great respect for each other a lot throughout my time in the lockup,” he answers.

Swami Chakrapani claims himself to be the president of Hindu Mahasabha. He is a political activist too and was in the headlines for targeting Dawood Ibrahim’s properties and turning them into public toilets.

“Controversies, speculation is always surrounding a person. My life is a very simple one. I have always followed the path of truth and I urge others too to follow the same path.”

He further moved the conversation towards the show: “I have always kept others ahead of myself and the same had happened during the eviction when I didn’t press the button and gave a chance to Siddharth Sharma who I felt was more deserving to be on the show. When I saw Siddharth getting into a fight and abusing fellow contestants and later the next morning chanting mantras with everyone, I was really impressed, and I felt I should sacrifice my place in the Lockup for him,” he adds.

At the end he says if given a chance he would again come on the show.

“If the makers call me on the show again, I will enter the ‘Lock Upp’ once again. I have never been a part of any live show and have never watched one,” he concludes.

‘Lock Upp’ streams on ALTBalaji and MX Player.



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