New Delhi, Jan 1 (IANS) As BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Wednesday tweeted to claim that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had maintained that his country won’t accept any Muslim immigrants, Twitter supporters of the CAA voiced their views on the social platform.

A few opposed the stand. #Hungary trended with 11.9K tweets.

The former Union Cabinet Minister wrote on @Swamy39: “Hungary’s PM has just announced, according to one Delhi newspaper, that only Christians will be allowed to immigrate to his country. Hungary will not allow Muslim immigrants. Any howls please?”

The post had got 7.1K retweets and 23.9K likes at the last count.

In reply, a user pointed out that Poland already had such a policy.

“Poland is also doing that. And they are clear and mindful about it,” read one post.

One user tweeted: “After Poland, Hungary seems to have learnt their lesson. The way the world is shaping, there is no doubt, more countries will follow suit.”

Another said: “Hindu immigrants are also not allowed.”

One user reasoned: “Difference is that Hungary may consider itself a Christian country, but India belongs to not just Hindus but Muslims and other religions as well. We are a SECULAR republic. It’s simple to understand, no?”

Reacting to this tweet, a user commented: “Hungary is secular too. But Christian secular countries can do that, but if a Hindu secular country does that, all hell will break loose.”

One Twitter user remarked: “People of MIM, Congress, AAP, and TMC should go to Hungary.”

One post read: “India is not Hungary, or Pakistan, or Syria… India is India.”





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