Swara Bhasker: ‘Dobara Alvida’ is about emotions we try to hide when a relationship is over


The upcoming Swara Bhasker and Gulshan Deviah-starrer short film “Dobara Alvida” is about emotions one tries to hide when a relationship is over, the actress says.

“This movie is a celebration of all the emotions that we try to hide away when any relationship is over. ‘Dobara Alvida’ is an exploration of what happens when one finds closure rather unexpectedly, taking them by surprise, and that is exactly where the beauty lies,” said the actress, about the film.

Swara feels the film, which had a trailer release recently, will leave a bittersweet feeling. The story talks of two lovers who meet after a long time and the play of emotions between them. It is a walk down memory lane that happens after an unexpected meeting in a cab.

The actress feels that in today’s age of millennial dating, the story will have more impact.

“At a day and age where contemporary relationships are ever evolving, ‘Dobara Alvida’ is a journey of discovering how there’s more to what we lead on,” she said.

The short film also features Swapnil Kortivar and is directed by Shashank Singh. It is set to release digitally on June 8.