Syria, Russia attack rebels training camps in Idlib

Syrian missiles and Russian warplanes hit positions of ultra-radical rebel groups in the war-torn country’s northwestern province of Idlib, state media reported.

A number of rebels, including their foreign coaches, were either killed or wounded in Wednesday’s coordinated Syrian-Russian strikes that targeted rebels’ training camps in the countryside of Idlib, Xinhua news agency quoted the state media report as saying.

The eport added that foreign trainers were teaching local rebels about carrying out drone attacks.

The nationalities or the number of the targeted foreign trainers were not revealed.

Meanwhile, the report said the rebels’ positions, vehicles and drones were destroyed during the attack, which was planned after a reconnaissance operation.

Rebels in Idlib used to launch drone attacks on positions of the Russian forces in coastal areas.

Russia officially joined the Syrian government side in the battle against the rebels in Syria in 2015.




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