Syria urges int’ community to act against terrorism after Damascus attack

In the wake of a bombing in Damascus that killed 14 people, the Syrian Foreign Ministry has urged the international community and the US to take “deterrent measures” against terrorism.

“Syria calls on the international community and the UN to condemn this explosion that targeted unarmed civilians, and it calls on the Security Council to take deterrent measures against the states supporting and financing terrorism,” the Ministry said.

On Wednesday, three explosive devices were affixed to the bottom of the military bus, two of which were detonated at the President Bridge in the heart of Damascus while the third one fell off without exploding and was later dismantled by a bomb squad.

The President Bridge is a very busy area in Damascus where the main transportation station is located.

Since dislodging the rebels from its outskirts in 2018, the Syrian capital has remained largely secure with some explosions taking place every now and then.

Wednesday’s explosion is the second but the largest that took place in the capital this year.

In August, a military passenger bus was targeted in Damascus, causing fewer number of casualties.