T-Hub onboards new service providers to accelerate startups growth


T-Hub, which leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem, on Tuesday announced that it is working with nine new leading companies to help its startups accelerate their growth during pandemic by providing various operational services.

It has joined hands with Cashfree, Cassixcom, CFO Bridge, Conduira, Fireflies.ai, Handysends, Lunchclub, Sapience and The Legal Capsule as its premium partners.

These new partners of T-Hub will support all its startups with a suite of services for efficient functioning and will be aligned to the drastically changing needs of startups to grow since the pandemic. This alliance benefits the service providers as well by giving them a platform showcase their offerings and establish them as reliable partners for our startups, T-Hub said.

“Our partnership with these new service providers is an effort to support our startups who are facing immense operational challenges because of the pandemic. Our startups have always been aided with world-class tools, guidance, libraries, and other services that has enabled them to cut operational costs and gain efficiency,” said Ravi Narayan, CEO of T-Hub.

“These new partnerships will further help our startups to be confident with their technical, operational and sales processes so that they can completely focus on innovation and impact at a global level,” he added.

These nine companies have been added to T-Hub’s existing group of 70 service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean and Google Cloud among others, that has been offering valuable benefits to the startups. These service providers enable T-Hub to create a strong entrepreneurial support infrastructure to aid in the long-term sustainability of startups, especially the early-stage ones.

Each startup has different budgets and requirements, hence T-Hub has carefully curated this pool of service providers to propel startups on the path to success and makes them economically viable entities, it said.

T-Hub’s service provider partners offers startups free credits and access to various service offerings starting from automating their management process to executing well-planned marketing strategies. After exhausting the free credits, the startups can continue to avail themselves of these services at an affordable price. T-Hub plans to explore such exclusive tie-ups to benefit startups continually.