Taapsee Pannu reveals real reason she did ‘Rashmi Rocket’

Taapsee Pannu did not know what gender testing is all about and that she was shocked when she learned about it. The actress says that she wanted to be the vehicle to present the problem which is relevant even today.

Talking to IANS if she knew what gender testing or gender verification was, Taapsee said: “I did not know about it and that is the one reason why I wanted to do it because I am such a sports lover and a sports enthusiast myself. So I was very shocked.”

The sports drama, which is directed by Akarsh Khurana, narrates the story of a small-town girl, who overcomes all societal barriers to become a national-level athlete, but is hindered when she is asked to undergo a gender test.

Taapsee added: “I went back and did a lot of research on it and saw the extent of the problem happening only to females. So that drove me even more that I need to be the vehicle to present this problem which is not being discussed about and is very much present since years till now as latest as this Tokyo Olympics. It had to be brought about.”

The film will be released on ZEE5 on October 15.