Taha Shah Badussha pens emotional letter to his mom on Women’s Day


‘Bekaaboo 2’ actor Taha Shah Badussha got emotional remembering the battles his mother Mahnaz Badushah fought to raise him and his elder brother. He feels Women’s Day is to celebrate the success of women who have gone the extra mile to set an example for many.

The actor made his debut opposite Shraddha Kapoor in, ‘Luv Ka The End’. He was last seen alongside actress Daisy Shah in ‘Ekk Vari’ music video. Despite being a single mother with 2 sons to take care of in the UAE through the early ’90s, his mother made sure to give the best to her kids.

Taha wrote: “As a single mother, you had the guts then, as you have now, to make the boldest decisions for our family, all while raising us in a country that was fairly new to you. You started off as a nurse and then worked as a biochemist on AIDS research in the Middle East and realising it wasn’t enough to keep us going, you jumped on to Marble trade, Real Estate and Manpower businesses that were usually associated with men at the time, studying the tradecraft, when not working 18 hours in the soaring heat.”

He further added: “When I look back at the years of your work, all I know is the comforts I have, the freedom I enjoy and the expensive career choices I have made in the entertainment industry have been possible only, and only because you did what it took. You are our Oracle Mama; you saw what we never imagined and had more confidence in our abilities as children than we did. You have inspired not just an entire family but created a perception in our upbringing about how much more powerful, physically and mentally, a Woman is and can be.”

He ends the note saying: “This 8th Day of March, I celebrate you and millions of women who work 10 times harder to get to a pedestal that we as a society have created as a benchmark of achievement.You broke the glass ceiling Mama! Love you!”



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