Tahir Raj Bhasin: Playing quintessential Bollywood hero in ‘Looop Lapeta’ is exciting

Actor Tahir Raj Bhasin on Tuesday dropped his look in the upcoming film Looop Lapeta, his first project as a romantic lead. Tahir says he found it super exciting to play the quintessential Bollywood hero.

In an image he posted on Instagram, the actor is seen sporting a nose pin and retro sunglasses. Tahir plays the role of Satya in the film, which pairs him opposite Taapsee Pannu.

“Satya is an irreverent guy. I’m a risk-chasing charmer in the film and I’ve had an incredible time playing him. He’s pretty out there in his optimism and lust for life. I’d describe him as all silver lining and no cloud. He’s a hustler who believes with all his soul that the universe conspires in his favour,” Tahir said.

“Playing the quintessential Bollywood hero has been super exciting. When you grow up on your dose of Bollywood, it seems like very familiar territory. Satya is the laid-back charmer that your parents warned you about,” he added.

The look has him in a loose brown shirt, he dons these retro sunglasses and has a nose piercing. The actor shared that the still is from a scene that was shot at an abandoned textile mill.

“For director Aakash Bhatia, the locations are an inherent character in the film. They make a visual statement about the vibe of the story and the world. Yes, this particular location plays a central role in the plot but to know more about how and why Satya is there stay tuned for the release date. All I can say at this point is that it’ll be a mad ride!” he said.

Tahir also praised actress Taapsee Pannu.

“Having the spectacular Taapsee to play opposite has only made exploring an onscreen romantic chemistry an incredibly fun and rewarding experience,” he said.