Taiwan deals with water supply shortage by partially reducing water pressure

Taiwan will lower water pressure in some areas from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. as part of its efforts to deal with the water supply shortage caused by reduced rainfall this year.

The emergency management measure will be initiated starting from September 3 in the city of Keelung, which is one of the areas that usually sees the most precipitation in Taiwan, and in a district of New Taipei City, according to the island’s economic affairs department on Saturday.

The water supply shortage has been attributed to a pronounced decrease in precipitation this summer. According to the island’s meteorological department, the average rainfall in July was 28.2 mm, the second-lowest level since 2000.

Statistics from the economic affairs department show that as of Sunday, at least three reservoirs in Taiwan have reported insufficient water storage, with one in the southern city of Kaohsiung reporting just 13.7 per cent.

In response to the shortage, the running-water supplier in Taiwan will cut its supply to non-emergent areas such as fountains, irrigation work, and the washing of walls and streets, Xinhua news agency reported.

There have been no typhoons this year to bring rich rainfall to the island. The meteorological department has warned that there could be further drought in the central and southern areas of the island in October if there is no typhoon by that time.




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