Taliban-linked terror network busted in Kabul


A nine-member Taliban-linked terrorist network has been busted in Kabul, the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) confirmed.

“The personnel of NDS conducted an operation recently in Kabul, arresting a nine-member terrorist network. The group had links with the Taliban terrorist group,” Xinhua news agency quoted the NDS, Afghanistan’s national intelligence agency, as saying in a social media post on Monday.

The agency however, did not provide further details.

The development came as several people have been killed or maimed as a result of terror attacks in the capital city in recent weeks.

On May 8, more than 50 people, mostly children, were killed and dozens others wounded in a car bomb blast and two ensuing explosions outside a girls’ high school in west Kabul.

The Afghan Army’s Special Forces arrested Nematullah, a prominent local leader of the Taliban outfit, in Shindand district of western Herat province on Sunday, the Defence Ministry confirmed.

The arrested Taliban leader has been responsible for identifying and terrorizing government officials and conducting targeted killings in Herat, the Ministry said in a statement.

The Taliban militant group has not responded to the reports so far.