Taliban rejects UN report of foreign terror groups in Afghanistan


The Taliban government in Afghanistan has rejected a UN report which claimed that the presence of foreign have increased in the war-torn nation after the collapse of the former administration in August last year.

In a statement on Monday, the Taliban’s Foreign Ministry said: “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly rejects the recent report by the UNSC Monitoring Team asserting an increase of foreign groups in Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate deems such reports lacking evidence, documents and addresses neither in the interest of Afghanistan, the region or the world.”

The Ministry further said that the Taliban regime has implemented its commitments laid out in the 2020 Doha Agreement and “does not allow anyone to threaten any country from Afghanistan’s territory”, TOLO News reported.

It added that the Taliban government will play a positive role towards security in Afghanistan, the region and the world.

The report by the UN Security Council Monitoring Team said that there were “no recent signs that the Taliban has taken steps to limit the activities of foreign terrorist fighters in the country”.

“On the contrary, terrorist groups enjoy greater freedom there than at any time in recent history. However, Member States have not reported significant new movements of foreign terrorist fighters to Afghanistan,” it said.

The report also questioned the Taliban’s commitment under the Doha Agreement to preventing “international terrorist” threats from having a foothold in Afghanistan and expressed concerns that foreign groups might find safe haven in Afghanistan.

According to the report, slain Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden’s son visited Afghanistan late last year.

“One Member State reported that Bin Laden’s son, Abdallah, visited Afghanistan in October for meetings with the Taliban.”

The report also claimed that Amin Muhammad ul-Haq Saam Khan, who coordinated security for Bin Laden, returned to his home in Afghanistan in late August last year.

Reacting to this claim, the Taliban’s deputy spokesperson Bilal Karimi said on Monday that “no visit and no meeting between anyone happened”.



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