New Delhi, March 17 (IANS) The fresh talks between the Delhi Police and the women protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) at Shaheen Bagh on Tuesday failed as they ignored the appeal made by the police to vacate the main road and said that they will continue the protest.

Talks between the police and the women protesters were held at a neutral venue at the intersection located about 100 meters away from the protest site.

The local police station SHO and ACP Jagdish Yadav were present on behalf of the police while 20 women represented the protesters.

ACP Yadav said: “You have been protesting here from last several months, during which we provided you full security. Now, we request you to vacate the main road and protest at some other place.”

The appeal of the police was unanimously opposed by the women representatives. ACP Yadav then asked the women to vacate the second part of the road so that vehicle movement can be started.

The police want that the front section of the Shaheen Bagh road on which the protest is going on should be opened but the women protesting here refused to do so.

Fatima, one of the women who came to talk with the police, said: “If the second part of the road gets opened our security is compromised so we can’t agree to it.”

The women after that started raising slogans.

The hearing over the Shaheen Bagh protest is scheduled for next week. Prior to this hearing, the police is trying to find a solution to this issue through a peaceful dialogue.

When the women who represented the protesters during the talks with the police informed the other protesters about the police appeal to vacate the second part of the road for the traffic, they refused unanimously. Most of the women at Shaheen Bagh said that the protest will end only after the government withdraws the CAA.




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