Tamil community outraged over magazine cover

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A cover photograph of a Sri Lankan wedding show in a magazine has stirred controversy within the Tamil community for daring to show a bride in a sari revealing some leg. Purists and traditional-minded members of the community were outraged by the depiction they say distorts the image of a bride.

The eye-catching cover shared by Jodi Bridal Show shows a model sitting on a throne of flowers, with her legs revealed through the pleats of her sari. While some people loved the cover, the online backlash was quick.

“This not a Tamil Bride, this is too much,” wrote one commenter on Facebook. “I am disappointed because in the name of creativity, the beauty and elegance of this dress has been compromised,” wrote another.

Tamils against the photograph don’t take kindly the idea that this is simply glamour and that the so-called revealing sari is simply a fashion twist.

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But the photographer behind the striking shot says she’s glad the photo got people talking about what defines Tamil culture, and who gets to make that call.

“For this photoshoot, I was like — what a great way to showcase a sari in a modern way, that women could relate to,” says Vipoositha Gnanenthra, a wedding and fashion photographer and the owner of Little Black Sari clothing retailer.

Gnanenthra told the CBC that she was “shocked” by the level of backlash. “On social media, I think a lot of people reacted really negatively. We didn’t expect it from the younger generation.”

And that is the unfortunate part when the second-generation who has grown up here starts going back to tradition in a way that can be baffling to their parents and especially so for the community living in the country of origin. – CINEWS

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  1. Canindia has failed in their job by reporting on a singular facebook reaction to a magazine cover. Are you serious? Who runs this paper? Old farts or highschool dropouts?