Tamil diaspora in Sri Lanka concerned about Chinese investments


The Central intelligence agencies have, according to sources, tipped-off Tamil Nadu intelligence units about the concerns raised by Sri Lankan Tamil groups over the excessive Chinese investments in the island nation.

These groups are worried that the government of India is not proactively involved in the affairs of Sri Lankan Tamils and that the Chinese are using this opportunity to increase their investments in Sri Lanka whose government has strongly opposed any Chinese involvement in their administration other than investments in some projects, said the Tamil diaspora.

A conclave of the diaspora was held in London recently. Intelligence reports they were concerned over India not being involved in the affairs of Sri Lankan Tamils and that the inaction of India has led to China gaining prominence in the island nation.

Intelligence sleuths have also tipped off that the Sri Lankan Tamil groups are trying to create a global think tank to engage with intellectuals, academics and journalists to create awareness about Chinese involvement in Sri Lanka. However, a section of the Sri Lankan groups was supportive of China and was of the opinion to establish contact with the Chinese government which was stoutly opposed by the majority in the recent conclave.

Those who are against establishing contact with the Chinese are of the opinion that if they enter into an engagement with the Chinese government, it would lead to Tamils in India opposing the move.

The central agencies have also tipped off the Tamil Nadu intelligence wings of LTTE sympathizers holding regular meetings in certain pockets of Chennai.

The Tamil Nadu police had in a recent crackdown arrested a former LTTE intelligence operative, Satkunam (47) on charges of smuggling drugs and arms using international contacts. He was also alleged to have used the funds generated by smuggling drugs to revive the LTTE operations in Sri Lanka. He was arrested from Valsaravakkam in Chennai and the police recovered incriminating material including details of huge money transfers to Sri Lanka.

While there has been resentment in Tamil Nadu over the overindulgence of China in Sri Lankan affairs, Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker M. Appavu, a DMK leader, has come out openly on disposing off the Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) as there was heavy Chinese presence in the island nation which was not good for the KKNPP plant.

C. Rajeev, Director, Centre for Policy and Development Studies, a think tank based in Chennai, told IANS, “The Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora would definitely try for such moves and to garner global support for themselves as they know that excessive Chinese presence would not be in the interests of Sri Lankan Tamils.”