Tamil Nadu vaccinates 30% of its prisoners


The Tamil Nadu Department of Prisons and Correctional Services has vaccinated 30 per cent of its convicts lodged in various prisons across the state. The department is to vaccinate all the convicts in the prisons across the state.

Jail authorities have conducted special camps in association with local bodies to inoculate prisoners and prison staff following the Covid-19 protocol.

A majority of the prison staff have taken the vaccination and have created an awareness among the convicts and detainees on the importance of vaccination.

According to a communique from the Jail department, 30 per cent of the prisoners have taken the shot so far, more than half have of them in the last week of May.

Director-General of Prisons, Sunil Kumar Singh while speaking to IANS said, “Since August 2020 all new inmates are being tested and quarantined before they are shifted to Central prison.”

The convict ward of the Stanley government hospital is converted into a Covid ward with adequate security arrangements. Sunil Kumar Singh said that 198 prison staff had tested positive and are under treatment at various hospitals.

He also said that 12 prison staff members died due to Covid-19 which include 10 who passed away in April and May.