Tamil Nadu woman’s wedding day stunts floor Netizens


Netizens are going ga ga over the wedding day stunts of one P. Nisha, who, draped in her silk wedding saare, took weapons in her hands to perform ‘Surul vaal veechu’ besides performing ‘Rettai Kambu’ with silambam sticks in front of a wedding hall at Thirukolur village in Tuticorin district in Tami Nadu.

Nisha said that she performed the stunts dressed in her wedding saare to create awareness among girls about learning self-defence. The video of the woman performing the stunts have gone viral on social media.

The bride told reporters that it was not easy to perform martial arts in the wedding saree and heavy make-up. adding that she used to perform martial arts wearing a tracksuit and t-shirt before.

Her friends also performed martial arts for an hour, thereby keeping the cheering wedding guests and hundreds of villagers entertained for around 90 minutes.

Nisha, who is a BCom graduate and aspiring to become a police officer, said that she had started learning traditional martial arts such as ‘Silambam’, ‘Surul Vaal’, ‘Adimurai’, ‘Kalarippayattu’, and ‘Theepantham’ (fireball) three years ago as a final year college student.

She said her mother Mani and her father Perumal also encouraged her to learn martial arts.

The BCom graduate is one of the 80 people across age groups who are trained free of cost by Mariappan of Nadukutudankadu village. Nisha had won the first prize in Silambam competition in 2020 and came third in the state-level competition in Tiruppur.

Rajkumar Moses, her husband, who is also a farmer, said that he wanted her to perform martial arts during their wedding to create awareness among girls to be more involved in the self-defence form.

He said that girls would not take extreme steps if they practice martial arts as they help develop a sound mind.

The couple is happy that Nisha’s stunts have gone viral on social media.