Tamil youth returns to life with life-size statue two years after death

On June 28, 2020, S. Pandidurai, a vibrant youth, lost his life in a road accident at Oddamchathram in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. The death of the 24-year-old came as a shock for his family, especially his 44-year-old mother, Pasumukizhi.

After the family members came to terms with the fact Pandidurai was no longer with them, they decided to build his life-size statue and place it in the living room of their home in Oddamchathram.

Speaking to IANS, Pasumukizhi said, “Pandidurai was my dear son who lost his life in a road accident. A few months after he left us, we decided to build a life-size statue of my son. The idea has now become a reality as we have placed the statue in the living room of our home. I am now happy that I can see my son, even though it is a silicon statute.”

She said that Pandidurai was very fond of his niece Tharika Shri and nephew Monesh Kumaran, and wanted to take part in their ‘ear-piercing’ ceremony. Unfortunately, he passed away and the function was not held.

After the statue was brought home in a chariot with Pandidurai wearing a ‘Veshti’ and shirt, the family put the children on the lap of the statue and conducted the ear-piercing ceremony.

Pasumukizhi said she is happy that her son could be part of the ear-piercing ceremony.




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