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Tanisha Mehta on working with Suneel in ‘Ikk Kudi Punjab Di’: ‘Reminds me of my own father’

Actress Tanisha Mehta opened up about her on-screen bond with her reel father Suneel Pushkarana in the show ‘Ikk Kudi Punjab Di’, and shared how the latter reminds her of her real father.

Based in Punjab, the show is a gripping narrative of strength and resilience.

In the recent episodes, viewers witnessed how Heer (Tanisha) gets to know about the case that is going on against her Haweli and tries to help her Papaji — Beant Singh (Suneel) with Ranjha’s (Avinesh Rekhi) support.

While Heer is someone who will go above and beyond to protect her Papaji, in real life, Tanisha shares a similar relationship with her father.

Just like Heer, Tanisha is also a very protective daughter and shares an adorable bond with her real-life father. And because of the similarities, it becomes easier for Tanisha to bring out the right emotions on-screen.

Suneel also shared how Tanisha makes him feel very comfortable on set while shooting the father-daughter sequences.

Talking about the bond, Tanisha shared: “I’m really lucky to have an on-screen dad who reminds me a lot of my own father. Heer’s dad, like any good father, keeps his problems to himself and tries to solve them without bothering his family.”

“He always prioritises his family, even if it means hiding his worries. My dad does the same, but being a daddy’s girl, I can always tell when he’s upset. I do my best to help and support him, just like Heer does in the show. The bond between Heer and Papaji reflects the bond I share with my dad,” she added.

Suneel said that playing a father to Tanisha in the show is a blessing.

“She embodies sweetness, kindness, and politeness. While I don’t have any children in real life, I’ve portrayed a father’s role numerous times. Yet, this one holds a special place. I can confidently say that if I had a daughter, she would undoubtedly be like Heer,” he said.

While Heer and Papaji are giving us some major daughter-father goals, it will be interesting for the viewers to witness the upcoming track where Avinesh realises his love for Tanisha.

The show airs on Zee TV.



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