Tanuj Virwani injures himself on sets of ‘Cartel’


Actor Tanuj Virwani, known for his role of ‘Vayu Raghavan’ in the web series ‘Inside Edge’, plays one of the central characters in upcoming action-drama ‘Cartel’ where he injured himself during a sequence.

Tanuj, who plays ‘Major Bhau’ in the series, happened to slit the sides of his fingers while shooting for a crucial action sequence for the show.

Tanuj’s character ‘Major Bhau’ is a man with integrity who hails from an army background however now he serves his family.

Speaking about the action sequences, the actor mentioned: “Before ‘Cartel’, I haven’t done many action scenes on screen. And it was fascinating because we had a lot of gunfights, street chases, hand-to-hand combat, knife fights, and such action. So it required us to step up. Even though we did a lot of rehearsals and choreography, it all boils down to what happens on the day.”

While talking about the time when he was hurt badly on the set, Tanuj recalled: “During one of the main sequences I had to stab one of the goons with the knife. It was a pocket knife with a little button on the side, and I accidentally pressed the button which led to the sharp side opening on the other side. It went right back into the side of my finger and slit me badly. I was in acute pain and it was pretty nasty. But we had to complete the sequence since it was the final take.”