Tara Alisha Berry owes her ‘motherly’ instinct to pet parenting


Actress Tara Alisha Berry feels that fostering stray animals has made her develop a strong motherly instinct.

The actress played a young mother in the latest released series, ‘Firsts: Season 6’.

She says that even though she is a youngster, being a pet parent, she has developed a strong motherly instinct which helped her prepare for the show.

“Being a pet parent and after fostering a lot of stray animals over the years, I have developed a deep motherly instinct. So while playing Pakhi in the series, it was only natural for me to feel those emotions as they come very naturally to me.

“Seeing how my mother raised me, I understood her emotions. It made me reminisce about the days when I took in stray animals to provide them shelter and protect them. I am so grateful to be able to play such a special role that showcases this unique bond between a mother and her kid,” Tara says.

The new season of ‘Firsts: Season 6’ released on August 13 on the social media platforms of Dice Media and on YouTube.