Tara Sutaria believes that if a person is dating someone, it is a private matter and one can be scared about it. And she intends to keep it that way with boyfriend Aadar Jain. Tara stated that in her line of work, there are very few things that are left to someone’s imagination and she understands why people tend to keep these kinds of things to themselves.

The actor further said that if there’s something that is beautiful, wonderful and magical which everyone craves in their lives then she thinks there is no need to hide it. Tara added that she is a very private person and she hadn’t spoken about it earlier so people can think what they want to think.

Talking about her perspective towards love, Tara Sutaria said that she is a Scorpio and they are very passionate about everything in general. She added that she loves love and most of her friends and family tell her that she is all about love. She wrapped up her conversation saying that love is amazing and everyone should find it.


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