TDP MLA resubmits resignation in correct format for steel plant

Senior Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader and Visakhapatnam North MLA, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, on Friday resubmitted his resignation to Andhra Pradesh Assembly Speaker in proper format as he was accused of not doing so earlier.

“It was said that my resignation was not in a proper format when I resigned for the steel plant on February 6. Just now I submitted my resignation in the correct format,” said Rao.

Opposing the Central government’s plan of privatising the Vizag Steel Plant, which employs thousands of people, Rao took this move in protest.

Later, he joined fellow TDP leader Palla Srinivas, who launched an indefinite hunger strike opposing privatisation in this port city to extend support for the cause.

Rao also met with a few labour unions protesting the privatisation at Kurmannapalem at Visakhapatnam to campaign for the steel plant.

“I will stand by the labour unions. On the steel plant issue, a ministerial meeting should be arranged,” he said.

The Visakhapatnam North MLA observed that the fight for the steel plant should be taken to Delhi. He said the campaigners should meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take back the privatisation decision.

He said the protest against privatisation should be taken ahead with one new programme a day and called the steel plant as the heartbeat of north Andhra people.

Despite party hopping multiple times, Rao continued to win in the elections, forming a loyal electorate for himself.