Teacher dismissed from Guj school after student’s ‘I love you’ allegation

A teacher was dismissed from service after a student alleged that he had asked her to say ‘I love you’ in class.

Rajkot District Education Officer B.S. Kaila terminated the service of the Maths teacher.

Kaila, while speaking to IANS, said, “On Wednesday, Karnavati School’s Class 8 girl student and her parents complained that the Maths teacher had asked her to say, ‘I love you’ in the classroom in presence of other students.

“Two education inspectors examined the CCTV footage of the Class. In the said footage, the voice is not clear. Even other students are not endorsing the girl student’s allegations against the teacher, but for the satisfaction of the student and her parents, Maths teacher Balmukund’s service has been terminated with immediate effect.”

School trustee Ashok Bhambhar, however, said, “The teacher had asked the Class 8 student to say ‘I love formula’, as she was not able to describe the formula. He had never asked the girl student to say ‘I love you’.”




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