Teachers asked to manage traffic outside schools in Lucknow


The Lucknow police has issued an advisory to all schools to deploy guards under the supervision of teachers outside schools to manage traffic and ensure that vehicles are parked at designated spots when schools get over.

The need for advisory arose as some prominent schools are situated close to VVIP establishments, including Vidhan Bhawan.

These areas see frequent traffic blockades owing to VIP movement and heavy rush when schools get over. This also has ripple effect on adjoining routes, some of which are near three major government hospitals.

An eight-point advisory was issued by the Joint commissioner of police, law and order, Piyush Mordia to all the schools, says that all schools/colleges must deploy marshals outside the school gates to direct and guide parents coming to pick and drop their children.

Schools/colleges must depute a teacher or administrative staff to monitor the movement of vehicles outside the gates when the schools start or end daily, as practised in Delhi.

“A pre-designated parking slot must be identified where vehicles must be parked,” he added.

Mordia said the entire school must not be dispersed at the same time and different classes must get over at gap of 20 minutes.

President of Unaided Private School Association Anil Agarwal, meanwhile, said that it is the duty of the traffic police to clear snarls everywhere and not just outside the schools.

He said that schools can appoint a traffic representative to keep a check, but teachers cannot stand and manage the traffic.



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