Tech fest in J&K a milestone for young innovators, entrepreneurs

A five-day annual fest was organised in Kashmir University to introduce and benefit the new generation associated with all sectors of the valley in different and new ways.

In this 5-day festival, held by the Institute of Technology Zakura Campus, hundreds of students from schools, colleges and universities of Kashmir were given an opportunity to showcase their talent. More than 30 competitions, workshops and seminars were organised in the event, in which children from major institutes like Mellon Sun, Green Valley, Byrne Hall and Biscoe showcased their talents to the audience.

While appreciating the work of entrepreneurs in the fest, they were also honoured with awards. In the fest, scientists, teachers, actors, businessmen and organisers of the valley introduced their ideas to the youth by expressing their ideas.

While the objective of the fest was to provide a new opportunity to the entrepreneurs of the valley and make them independent, an important and special objective of the event was to establish a special and strong relationship between the society and the education sector. The festival also showcased several new avenues to help the students pursue higher education.

This five-day annual event was successfully completed by fulfilling its objectives in a very good manner and all the students and general public, who participated, appreciated this step.




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