Technology a greater tool to nab criminals: PM at Raksha varsity

On the occasion of Dandi March’s 92nd anniversary, Prime Minister Narender Modi while addressing the convocation of Raksha University at Ahmedabad on Saturday, said that in today’s world the technology can be harnessed to nab the criminals.

PM Modi earlier dedicated a building to the University and then addressed its first convocation.

The prime minister paid tributes to Father of the Nation Mahatama Gandhi and said that the movement under the leadership of Gandhiji against the injustice had made the British government realize the collective power of Indians.

The Prime Minister said that earlier the notion of internal security during colonial time was based on instilling fear among the masses for keeping peace.

“Earlier scenario was very different as the security forces had more time to prepare which is no longer so as technology and transportation and communication has improved so much. Today’s policing requires skills like negotiating and other soft skills that are needed to function in a democratic scenario,” said PM Modi.

The PM stressed the need to change the image of police and security personnel. Depiction of police in the popular culture has not helped in this regard, either. He noted the humane work by the police personnel during the pandemic.

“Post-independence, there was a need of reforms in the country’s security apparatus. A perception was developed that we have to be careful of the uniformed personnel. But it has transformed now. When people see uniformed personnel now, they get the assurance of help,” Modi said.

The PM also noted shrinking of the support network of joint family for police personnel in dealing with the stress of the job. He emphasized the need for experts to deal with stress and relaxation including yoga experts in the forces. “Stress-free training activities is need of the hour for strengthening the country’s security apparatus”, he added.

He underlined the importance of technology in the security and policing work. He said if criminals are using technology, technology can be harnessed to nab them also. He said this emphasis on technology would also enable even the divyang people to contribute in this field.




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