Tejashwi gives fresh proofs against Rai in liquor smuggling case

Bihar’s Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav on Wednesday gave fresh proofs against Land Reforms and Revenue Minister Ram Surat Rai, who is alleged to be involved in a liquor smuggling case.

Tejashwi, while referring to the case diary of November 8, 2020, said that the police has mentioned that the school where the incident came to light belonged to Ram Surat Rai’s brother Hansraj Rai.

Moreover, one of the pickup vans having registration number (BR 06 C 1996), used for unloading liquor from trucks is registered in Hansraj Rai’s name.

“I always talk with proofs whether in the House or at any public platform. Now, the Bihar police diary states that the school premises and the pickup van used in liquor smuggling belong to Hansraj Rai. What more evidence does Nitish Kumar want?” Tejashwi said.

“Thirteen persons have been booked in connection with liquor smuggling including Hansraj Rai, his nephew Sanjeet Rai and Amrendra Kumar Kushwaha. Kushwaha’s brother Ansubhashkar Kushwaha claimed that when the process of unloading the liquor consignment from Haryana into four pickup vans was underway inside the school on November 8, 2020, Amrendra informed the local police about it,” Tejashwi said.

“I want the Bihar Police to put the call details of Amrendra Kushwaha, Bochaha police station, Hansraj Rai and Minister Ram Surat Rai in public domain so that everything is clear. The minister claimed that he does not have ties with his brother for the last 10 years. The call details will clear the air,” Tejashwi said.

“Interestingly, the Bihar Police arrested Amrendra Kushwaha who was the complainant and the real culprits are still roaming free. I want to ask Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who is also the Home Minister and the Bihar Police comes under him, whether he is courageous enough to arrest Hansraj Rai and Sanjeet Rai?” he said.

“Amrendra’s brother Ansubhashkar Kushwaha informed me that two relatives of Minister Ram Surat Rai went to his house in Muzaffarpur and threatened his mother and father to take the blame for liquor smuggling,” Tejashwi said.

“We have demanded that Nitish Kumar arrest Hansraj Rai and Sanjeet Rai by April 1, the liquor prohibition day. If he is unable to arrest them despite strong evidence, then he should open liquor vends inside the CM house and official residences of every minister so that they have easy access to it,” Tejashwi said.

“Ram Surat Rai is threatening to file a defamation case against me. He should do it quickly so that I could answer him appropriately,” the Leader of Opposition said.